Meet Jordan Maes

I have been with Skyline Home Loans since April of 2012. I never thought there would be so much to learn! With a constantly changing environment, there is a revolving door of new products and regulations. With Skyline at the forefront of “game changing” technology, there is a lot to manage.

I couldn’t be happier about joining the Skyline team. I received my originator’s license on November 1, 2013. However, I have been involved in the processing aspect of the loan game since April of 2012. So my view on loan origination is very different than the traditional loan officer. Being of the younger generation, I am also highly in tune with technology. This is part of the reason my company has chosen me to be one of the “Go-To” people here at the NW division for Technology. With our new website recently being rolled out, we have something nobody else has. Be sure to check it out on my site!

About my personal life…I got married on August 3rd, 2013 to the love of my life and my best friend, Mariah. Together we have a daughter, Sophia, who turned 4 in September and a son, Jonah, who turned 1 in July. I am heavily involved in my church, and Mariah and I have made a commitment to put Christ first.

You can call or text me anytime, whether it be about a loan, or anything personal, at 503-405-5356, connect with me on LinkedIn , Twitter @JordanMaesMLO or email me at!