I’m writing this review because Jordan Maes from Skyline mortgage really went to bat for my sister to help her refinance her house, consolidate bills and lower monthly debt by $700 a month. She had had some medical issues that got her behind in some of her bills. Normally a person without a high credit score
would just be pushed aside.

Jordan took a leap of faith to help her get back on track. Besides being very intelligent and knowledgeable about what he does, he showed her tremendous compassion and patience while helping her. You don’t see that kind of work ethic (old school lending) in this day and age, where someone goes out on a limb for you. Today’s mortgage lending has so many strict restrictions it’s surprising anyone is able to get a mortgage loan of any kind.

Looking at the entire picture and not just bits and pieces is what makes Jordan a successful loan officer. I will continue to refer people to him for a job well done.

Thank you Jordan
– Lori
July 7, 2016

Thanks for all the support and efforts to get me a great loan! You made the porcess so easy and straightforward – love it! I will definitely come back to you if I ever have additional mortgage needs. THANKS Ken and Jordan!
My husband and I recently refinanced our Portland home and took a loan on our Washington property through Skyline Home Loans. Ken and his staff worked tirelessly on our behalf until both mortgages were finalized. I would recommend their company to anyone looking to refinance or seeking a first time mortgage. They are the best!
Karen and Jim
We are so grateful for all your hard work. You handled our refinance like a tenured professional! I highly recommend Jordan Maes to anyone considering buying or doing a refinance!
Brad and Mary Ellen
Jordan Maes has been an absolute pleasure to work with during our partnership with Skyline Home Loans NW. Jordan has a passion for learning which is obvious right off the bat. His knowledge about the mortgage industry is in his DNA, following the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He continues to impress us with his ethics and commitment to his clients, along with his prowess in the realm of social media and the value of public relations and marketing. We highly recommend Jordan!
Jenna Cooper, JennaCooper PR
In my experience working with Jordan, he is a very honest and hard working professional that always has your best interest in mind. I highly recommend Jordan for any of your home loan needs.
Kevin Morrow | CEO at Power Designers USA, LLC
Jordan is a high-energy, passionate, articulate young man who loves helping people get home loans. You will always be glad your chose Jordan and Skyline.
Bill Dallas | CEO, Skyline Home Loans
Jordan is a very conscientious business person, who understands the loan business and is eager to learn the maze of speed bumps and obstacles we encounter. His dad, Ken Maes is a great teacher of the business and a great mentor for Jordan. I have worked with Jordan on several projects in the last two years and recommend him highly.
Brian Brennan | Loan Officer, Skyline Home Loans
Jordan is a breath of fresh air in our lending industry. He believes in going the extra mile for his clients and is always available to them. Jordan is very detailed and does not stop working until the job is done. He has assisted all of us with tasks that make our jobs easier.
Vicki Mohnach | Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Skyline Home Loans

Ken and Jordan,

Thank you both for your efforts assisting me in keeping my father’s hand built family legacy home…in the FAMILY! You both played a part in this change that will ultimately be passed forward to my children and grandchildren to hopefully make a better life for their futures. I also appreciate your kind words about Kristen’s efforts at Skyline. I’m sure you can imagine how proud I am of her!

Scott Sargent

These testimonials were provided by real clients or business partners and are based on real experiences however, individual experiences may vary.

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